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Biotechnology Awards Winners Logo-2
Biotechnology Awards Winners Logo-2

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The SolaJet® Dry-Hydrotherapy System is an exhilarating new wave in health and wellness. 

Inside, a powerful traveling water jet performs a relaxing full body Endo-Kinetic™  treatment but is also able to isolate to any part of the body at the touch of a button. Throughout this TOUCH-LESS self administered session, you remain clothed and dry. Learn how you can help others FEEL BETTER and PERFORM BETTER with the SolaJet®!

hydro massager

COVID Era Friendly!

We are proud to offer SolaJet® Dry-Hydrotherapy, a timely solution to deliver deep relief from stress, aches and pain in a private and protective environment.


The Ultimate Body Rejuvenation- An amazing TOUCH-FREE 

Dry-Hydrotherapy treatment –Feel the effects of an hour long massage-like treatment in just 15 minutes with NO personal contact.


  • Fully protective and easy to clean sanitary surface.

  • A 2x sanitization protocol (before and after to ensure a surface).

  • A highly effective sanitizer–Kills germs and viruses 2 times better than bleach yet is safe on surfaces and contact with skin.

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