Hydro Massage

Colorado, USA


The SolaJet®, founded in Fort Collins, Colorado  is sold internationally in many foreign countries supported by a large and modern manufacturing facility. The company is committed to responsible growth including green initiatives and its “Human Kind” program which makes Dry-Hydrotherapy systems available to those with limited resources and are challenged with medical need.

We celebrate that we are in the business of “Helping Make the World Feel Better” as we share our mission with our valued customers.


The birth of the SolaJet® began as a quest by a $1+ Billion dollar/yr health care company to develop the most therapeutic form of massage.

After millions of dollars were invested in research, design patents, development and market testing, the SolaJet® was released in the medical and consumer markets with its most recent expansion into the broader health club and wellness markets. 


Few companies can say they are the best in a given category, let alone something as important to our bodies as massage.

Dry-Hydrotherapy is beneficial in so many ways and the Company’s flagship product, the SolaJet® Dry-Hydrotherapy System simply delivers an unparalleled  therapeutic experience! Our passion is found in the pursuit of innovative technologies that soothe the human body.