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Health & Fitness

SolaJet® has been serving the Fitness and Health Club community for over a decade delivering unparalleled therapy in member satisfaction that is second to none. Many clubs choose to offer sessions as an upgrade to membership and some build into their overall club experience. Recovery zones are becoming more and more popular as more education continues to highlight the need and benefit of good PRE and POST workout treatments. Use SolaJet® PRE to help loosen muscles before exercise to prevent injury. Use POST workout to flush tissue and stimulate the lymphatic system to reduce soreness and initiate recovery.


The SolaJet® is so impressive it often can command as much in monthly membership pricing as the club membership itself. 

Whether you price packages at a value or a premium, the SolaJet® can be an instant profit center and help appeal to a wide audience.

"It helps me drag myself to the gym because I look forward to the reward of the Solajet at the end"

L  Stewart, California 

User Benefit

Improved circulation and blood flow to muscles

Lymphatic Stimulation to reduce soreness and flush lactic acid

Helps reduce injury

Improved Range of Motion


Reduce Stress

Financial Implications: SolaJet® cloud server allows you to set up packages based on your choice of sessions per month, price per package, time of each treatment and more. 

Contact us for suggestions on what is best tailored to meet your goals.   


Example:  A SolaJet® can handle as much as 250 member per month on average.  

$10 per package - $2,000/mth

$19 per package - $3,800/mth

$29 per package - $5,800/mth

Inspiring Business

  • Superior User Experience – Amazing pressure, sound suppression and privacy Pods are all part of what delivers the highest rated total massage-like experience! 

  • The Smart Cloud – Advanced control, web-based user interface and mobile apps to drive both profit and enhance the user experience. 

  • Warranty – A confident and industry leading 5 years tub and frame, 3 years parts, 180 days labor.

  • SolaJet® CT Dry-Hydrotherapy System 

  • SolaJet® Portable Pods with Kiosk Enrollment System

Marketing Benefits

TOUCH-LESS massage-like treatments appeal to health enthusiasts now more than ever. SolaJet® helps differentiate your facility while delivering a benefit most members will want to use.


The company has over 20 turnkey marketing programs

just waiting to be deployed on your behalf.

hydrotherapy bed

SolaJet® Highlights 

  • The “DRYWAVE™” System, is the leading technology combining deep tissue penetration with soothing heat, vibration and a flushing wave treatment. 

  • Great to relieve pain, increase flexibility, the overweight, children, everyone benefits from Endo-Kinetics.

  • Works 24/7, never no shows, never sick. 

  • 100% of the users at a recent National Chiropractic Show stated it was like nothing they ever tried before. ​

SolaJet® Mobile Experience Pods

-Perfect for events and demo opportunities

-Full SolaJet® Experience 

Contact us for availability to help support your club

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