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SolaJet H6  

(Consumer Unit)

  • Self-contained 35 gallon water system

  • 110V 2 HP or 220V 4 HP 

  • 6ft L x 3.3ft W x 2.4ft H

Motor/Pump   2 HP

End/Sides Panels   ABS

Tank/Frame Construction   Stainless/HDPE

Pressure Control   Infinite

Control System   Hand Control

Lock Outs   No

Bluetooth Compatible (App capable)   No

Massage Zones   14x65 inches

Weight Limit   250 lbs

Top Cover   Pleated Nylon

Memory Foam Sound Pad   Accessory

Memory Foam Sleep Insert   Accessory

Casters   Accessory

Power Drain System   No

Water Filtration   No

Warranty   2 years

Marketing Support   No

Built-in Cooling System   No

Chiller Compatible   No

Touch Screen Control System   No

High Efficiency Drive and Valve Motor   No

SolaJet  CX


Motor & Pump   4 HP (2 HP Optional) 3 HP 50 Hz/230V

End & Side Panels   ABS/Acrylic

Tank & Frame Construction   Stainless/Fiberglass

Pressure Control   Infinite

Control System   Hand Control/Touch Screen

Lock Outs  Yes

Bluetooth Compatible (App capable)  Yes

Massage Zones   13x50 inches

Weight Limit   400 lbs

Built-in Cooling System   Yes

Casters   Yes

Water Filtration   Yes

Top Cover   3 Piece/ 3D Mesh

Warranty   3 years

Touch Screen Control System   Optional 

Chiller Compatible   Yes

Marketing Support   Yes

High Efficiency Drive and Valve Motor   Yes

Power Drain System   Yes

Memory Foam Sleep Insert   No

Memory Foam Sound Pad   Yes

Dimensions   72Lx29Wx24H

Memory Foam Sleep Insert   No

UV Disinfection   Yes

Security Light   Yes

Internal Quad Cooling   Yes

Patented Design   Yes

Cloud System   Yes

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