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The SolaJet® Dry-Hydrotherapy System is an exhilarating new wave in health and wellness. 

Inside, a powerful traveling water jet performs a relaxing full body Endo-Kinetic™  treatment but is also able to isolate to any part of the body at the touch of a button. Throughout this TOUCH-LESS self administered session, you remain clothed and dry. Learn how you can help others FEEL BETTER and PERFORM BETTER with the SolaJet®!

Touch-less Convenience

We are proud to offer SolaJet® Dry-Hydrotherapy, a timely solution to deliver deep relief from stress, aches and pain in a private and protective environment.


The Ultimate Body Rejuvenation- An amazing TOUCH-FREE 

Dry-Hydrotherapy treatment –Feel the effects of an hour long massage-like treatment in just 15 minutes with NO personal contact.


  • Fully protective and easy to clean sanitary surface.

  • A 2x sanitization protocol (before and after to ensure a surface).

  • A highly effective sanitizer–Kills germs and viruses 2 times better than bleach yet is safe on surfaces and contact with skin.

  • How often should I use the Sola-Jet®?
    There is no one-size-fits-all answer to how often one can use a massage bed. It largely depends on an individual's health, physical needs, and personal preferences. Some people can benefit from using a massage bed every day, while others may only require it once or twice a week. It is recommended to consult with a healthcare professional or a licensed massage therapist to determine the best frequency and duration of massage bed sessions for your specific needs.
  • What is Endo-Kinetics?
    WE WERE MADE TO MOVE! Unfortunately, the CDC says 80% of Americans do not exercise as much as they should. Lack of exercise generally means we are not receiving the proper amount of movement and the related boost to circulation. ENDO-KINETICS are the internal benefits from external stimulus, whether it be deep tissue manipulation, heat, cold, vibration, or other therapies. SolaJet provides deep tissue penetration, vibration, heat, and sequential compression all in one soothing treatment. The Sola-Jet® can help offset some of the issues that can occur with limited activity or exercise. Our bodies were made to move, and the treatments we offer help supplement or optimize health through what we call endo-kinetics (the internal benefits of external forces). Our technologies not only boost the body's recovery process but also supplement the body externally. Much like vitamin supplements and diet do internally. Our daily objective is to help you discover what your body needs to feel better. Our powerful therapies, designed for the SolaJet®, help: improve circulation promote lymphatic drainage normalize muscle tissue reduce pain and soreness assist with flushing the body aid in total body recovery
  • Can I provide pay-per-use sessions to my clients?
    Absolutely! We offer the flexibility for our clients to choose the pay-per-use option that best suits their needs. With this option, clients are able to book sessions with you on an as-needed basis, paying only for the time they use. It's a perfect solution for clients who may not require regular sessions or for those who simply want to try out your services before committing to a longer-term arrangement. After purchasing our service, just reach out to us, and we'll talk you through the specifics of this option. You can rest assured that our pay-per-use option provides a hassle-free way for you to work with your clients on a more flexible basis.
  • What is the maintenance of the Sola-Jet®?
    Adding water approx every 3-6 months based on usage is the ongoing owner’s responsibility, and perhaps water changes every 6 months to one year based on water condition.
  • Are there any precautions I should take when using the Sola-Jet®?
    Anyone who has had surgery in the last 10 days should avoid any device that could cause emboli. Persons who are cardiovascular unstable should consult their physician prior to use. Pregnancies should consult with their physician prior as the vibration and sound may cause excess stimulation.
  • What is dry-hydrotherapy?
    The SolaJet® Dry-hydrotherapy uses heated, powerful pulsating water jets to provide a massage-like experience. Unlike traditional hydrotherapy, our dry-hydrotherapy does not involve immersion in water. Instead, you can relax comfortably on a bed while water jets contour to your body to provide a soothing massage. Dry-hydrotherapy has been shown to mitigate muscle tension, muscle pain, provide lymphatic support, and provide other benefits. Our Sola-Jet dry-hydrotherapy technology has also become a popular treatment in medical practices, chiropractic, physical therapy, fitness centers, apartment complexes, spas and wellness centers and homes.
  • What makes the Sola-Jet® better than other massage-like Treatments?
    Unlike other massage devices, the SolaJet session is completely dry as you remain fully clothed. It also provides four different types of therapies in one treatment: deep compression, sequential force, vibration, and thermal energy. SolaJet is considered by many as having the preferred overall experience, which combines the greatest variation of pressure with the lowest amount of sound. Additionally, our warranty and service continue to be unsurpassed in the industry.
  • Where can I buy a SolaJet®?
    As you probably already know, the SolaJet® is a cutting-edge therapy technology exclusive to our company and not sold through dealers. We want to ensure you have all the support and information you need to make an informed decision, so please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns. We'd love to hear from you and help you get started with your very own SolaJet® today! Get a quote
  • What is the main difference between models?
    When it comes to choosing between these two models, size and weight restrictions are some of the most important factors to consider. The CT model is larger and will take up more space, but it also has the advantage of offering a longer massage zone to target different areas of your body. On the other hand, if you have limited space, the CX model might be the better option for you. For our home units, the H4 and H6 have similar size differences as the commercial models but do not have the same weight capacity and cooling capacity of our commercial models which are critical in non-stop commercial environments. Another important factor to consider is the weight restriction. Be sure to check the weight capacity for each model and make sure it can accommodate you and any other regular users of the SolaJet® (CT- 450 lbs, CX 400 lbs, H6 300 lbs, and H4 250 lbs).
  • How does the SolaJet® work?
    The SolaJet® Dry-Hydrotherapy System is a cutting-edge solution for today's health and wellness needs. Once you lie down on the system and select your settings, the powerful traveling water jet starts performing a full-body Endo-Kinetic™ treatment. You can also isolate it to any part of your body at the touch of a button. The best part? It's completely TOUCH-LESS and dry, so you stay clothed and dry throughout your session. During the session, you can experience four different Endo-Kinetic™ therapies that work wonders for your body. These include deep compression, sequential force, vibration, and thermal energy. Deep compression helps soothe your muscles and reduce tension, while sequential force promotes greater circulation and lymphatic function. Vibration helps you relax even further and can even boost your metabolic rate, while thermal energy stimulates your body's natural healing mechanisms. Overall, this is a fantastic product designed to help you FEEL BETTER and PERFORM BETTER. It's perfect for anyone who wants to experience the benefits of hydrotherapy without getting wet.
  • What if my Sola-Jet® needs service?
    To initiate service, please call 1-877-737-9929 from 8 AM-5 PM (MST) or email us at Tech guides are readily available as well.
  • How do I use the Sola-Jet®?
    Step 1: Press the power button to bring up the options To start using the program, simply press the power button. Step 2: Customize your settings Once you've launched the program, you'll see a variety of customizable settings. This includes the ability to change the pressure, speed, and direction of your session or just hit the convenient preset programs. Simply select the settings that work best for you and your needs. Step 3: Optional cloud control (commercial) We also offer optional cloud control for added security and controlled access. This allows you to manage who has access to your program and when they can use it. To use this feature, please contact Sola-Jet® after purchase.

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